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Ultimate Guide To Colostrum - 5

How I Healed Leaky Gut Using Colostrum

Imagine being housebound for over 10 months, losing 20 kilos in weight, bleeding from the back side 15 times a day, then being told by your ‘trusted’ doctor that you may need to face having your entire colon removed with a permanent colostomy bag, if this new ‘untested’ drug fails to work.

My career, bank account and body were broken. I even lost my long-term girlfriend.

My name is Niraj Naik, and that was the horror that I experienced back in 2010 after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a horrible condition that causes bleeding ulcers in your colon.

I am a pharmacist now focused on helping people actually get well, rather than just treating symptoms and making people suffer more from side effects of long term medication…

Thankfully I decided to take matters into my own hands as I chose to break away from the chains of conventional health care.

I joined the pharmacy profession as I believed it was a caring career choice that helped people get well, like really well, back to normal – but how wrong I was.

Instead, I saw people go away with big shopping bags filled with medication, taking more drugs, not less.

This made me very stressed, disillusioned and for a long time I felt like an empty robot slave working for a ruthless pharmaceutical industry hell bent on making profit out of your health or lack thereof!

I believe this job stress combined with several bad lifestyle choices – the result of trying to numb the pain of my soulless career – made me very sick at a young age of just 32.

As I ventured down the path of trying to find a cure for what I had, I encountered many charlatans, false prophets and much disinformation about the next best health cure, until I came across something closer to home than I could have imagined.

I very nearly gave up and succumbed to surgery, when one momentus day that completely changed the course of my life, I discovered a little known substance called ‘bovine colostrum’

For the last 20 years it has been reported to be giving people with chronic illness a new lease of life, people with weight problems more lean muscle mass and fitter bodies and helping athletes win major competitions.

I was so taken back, I was in disbelief and actually put it in the category of another hyped up scam.

Every other method I had tried had made little difference or was simply over hyped.

What tipped me over the edge, was when I discovered that colostrum was used in Ancient India (my ancestral origins) by Ayurvedic doctors for thousands of years to treat a variety of illnesses.

It is literally the reason why the cow is considered holy in India!

And many holy sweets given to people during religions ceremonies were made from colostrum too!

If you want to try the best source of Colostrum that I have been able to source, check out my very own Renegade Colostrum here

So Why Was Colostrum Forgotten?

India has a wealth of knowledge when it comes healing but since the dawn of globalization and the rise of Big Pharma, allopathic medicine that only treats symptoms has replaced all other systems of healing around the world.

By only treating symptoms, and not fixing the cause of disease, you make customers for life, and being a victim of this corrupt system, it is something I now stand firmly against!

Cultures over time have been educated out of wellness, and educated into ignorance about what really defines good, optimum health and wellbeing.

What happened after just a few days of taking it could be deemed miraculous, but being a scientist, I could now clearly see why it works as fast as it does…

  • I started to put on healthy weight and muscle back in just a few days!
  • My bleeding permanently stopped for the first time in over 10 months!
  • My skin looked and felt amazing!
  • I had an abundance of energy and a glowing mood for the first time in years!
  • I felt reborn!

And a part of me was just waiting for it to all fall apart again, but you know what – it never did, or else you would not be reading this now!

Not only did I become well again, but I actually became healthier and happier than most others around me, and the news spread like a virus, suddenly I was known as Mr. Colostrum in my home town and the demand just grew and grew as I helped many others experience the same or even better benefits as I did.

Best of all, as a formerly disillusioned pharmacist, I had discovered exactly what I had been searching for all this time – a genuine side effect free treatment that actually reverses diseases rather than just treating the symptoms!

I now wanted to tell the whole world about it and firmly believed that every single person has the right to benefit from this wondeous substance.