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Essentially Mother Nature's Formula For
Optimum Health!


We source certified organic Colostrum from happy grass-fed cows. Our exclusive Renegade Colostrum is packed full of nutrients to give you more energy and feel amazing, every day.

  • Easily digestible Easily digestible
  • Smoothies Or Coffee Great With
    Smoothies Or Coffee
  • Supports Immunity Supports Immunity
  • Boosts Energy Boosts Energy
  • 6 Hour Certified 6 Hour Certified

Essentially Product

  • Raw Raw
  • Gluten Free Gluten Free
  • 100% Tested<br> Organic 100% Tested
  • Ensured<br> Bio-Availability Ensured
  • Immune Factors Immune Factors
  • BSE Free BSE Free
  • GMO Free GMO Free
  • Antibiotic Free Antibiotic Free
  • Pesticide Free Pesticide Free
  • Hormone Free Hormone Free

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Meet Our Founder Niraj Naik

Niraj Naik is a former community pharmacist turned 'renegade' when he discovered how to heal himself from the symptoms of a chronic autoimmune illness without medication, long after conventional healthcare had given up hope.

His road to recovery involved a holistic approach of organic supplements, pranayama breathwork, Ayurveda, yoga, neurosomatics, and lifestyle changes.

He founded SOMA Breath to empower people with the knowledge and tools to unleash their 'inner pharmacy' and activate their body's own self-healing system.

We offer the tools to make this possible.

At SOMA Breath we have carefully combined ancient wisdom with scientific understanding and evidence to support optimal health in mind, body, and soul.

So far, SOMA Breath has grown into a global movement that has impacted over a million lives, empowering individuals and communities to take charge of their health and lead inspired lives.

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The Ultimate Guide to Colostrum for Optimizing Your Health

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The Ultimate Guide to Colostrum for Optimizing Your Health

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Holistic Health From Cell To Soul

SOMA Breath is on a mission to change the game around optimal health. We believe that healthcare needs to be approached as a whole to sustain the wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit.

That's why we take on a holistic approach to healthcare. Our complete methodology includes nutrition, breathwork, movement, neurosomatics, holistic health coaching, and lifestyle changes.

With kindness at the heart of our mission, all our supplements are cruelty-free, sourced from sustainable means, and FDA approved.

We have carefully formulated high-quality supplements that keep you in optimal health and provide you with the vitality to pursue a dream life of your design.

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Based on 47 reviews
Amazing product

I have been using this colostrum for about 6-8 months now and I absolutely love it- it has helped with my overall health but most notably with my gut health and digestive system. I would highly recommend this product and it tastes incredible also

Items came quickly! I love the taste!


I have tried several different brands of colostrum and Renegade by far is the best. I have used Renegade Colostrum for several years and attribute it along with some diet modifications to the elimination of symptoms of leaky gut.

Renegade Colostrum Powder
Cindy Lonsdale
My skin is happy!

I’ve been using this in my coffee for about 3 months now as my “creamer” and love just the hint of sweetness it gives. More importantly…..I suffer with eczema, but my skin is better than it has been in years! Love this stuff!


I was very impressed by this product. It has delicious flavor and exceptional mixing in the renagade smoothie. Thanks Niraj!

Grass Fed Collagen

Amazing product!

Amazing product! Must have

Renegade Colostrum Powder
Jennifer Demers
First jar

I've nearly completed my first jar of renegade colostrum. I took it consistently for a few weeks then went traveling for a bit and didn't bring it with me. I've noticed a big difference... I've had a long history of food sensitivities resulting in joint and skin information. I was put on antibiotic after antibiotic for years which I believe further deteriorated the diversity of my micro biom. Long story short, this colostrum has had the most profound effect of the hundreds of solutions I've tried over the years. My joints feel better when I'm taking it, my skin clears up and even gets glowing and it tastes great in my mushroom coffee in the morning! Ordering another jar soon and you should too!

Colostrum that works!

We took another brand of Colostrum for years. Then we switched to Soma Breath. My husband is now regular, even after colon surgery! I’m regular too, even with IBS! Thank you!

Love the product

Colostrum has helped me. Taste is great

Great product , no taste

Wonderful product. Bought for my mom and it’s helped her stomach immensely. No real taste and easy and smooth to take.

Truly works!

Me and my husband have tried everything for our leaky gut and nothing had ever worked like this… now also my mom, my sisters and my uncle are taking it since I have recommended


I don't know how but since using this I haven't needed caffeine anymore. I feel fuller and more energized throughout the day. :)

Great Value!

Great Value!


It felt so soothing to my gut the very first time I tried it! Honestly! Saw a difference in days with my symptoms!

Great product - easy to use

Product is great, easy to use, no strange after taste and lasts for a long time. Out of various Colostrum products, this is by far my favorite.

I’m hooked 😊

It’s part of my daily morning regiment before I have anything else to eat! Tastes wonderful & I let it melt in my mouth followed by water! My gut enjoys this morning treat!


Soma breath colostrum has helped me so much with my IBS after my surgery this affected my small.intestine and had major bloating and constipation my gi doctor wanted to send a medication that would cost 2,000 dollars I opted for colostrum and it helped remove the bloat, stomach pains and regulated eliminated constipation. Been very satisfied.

Tastes great

I've been using the colostrum for about 2 weeks now, I haven't had gut issues per se, but optimal gut health is always in my awareness, so I added this as part of my daily regime. So far so good!

Calming Colostrum

Soma Breath Colostrum is calming to my nervous system and my gut. Even the experience of just taking a spoonful into my mouth is a sensual healing experience. All around goodness.

Best colostrum

I’ve known about the benefits of colostrum for a long time. But I “forgot” about it until discovering the Renegade Colostrum which is obviously very high quality, and it called to me. I purchased 3 bottles and started using it. I’m a healthy person to begin with so no mind-blowing reports but I have noticed my digestion is better. In fact, it’s excellent, and it has not been until recently. I attribute this to the colostrum. Highly recommended

Georgina Ingram
So tasty!

This is so good- a perfect balance between creamy and gingery. I look forward to having a cup every night.

Jessica Torna

I have been drinking SoGold for a few weeks now, love the taste and I do feel it boost my energy levels especially great and healthier alternative to coffee. Normally when I have had products that have tumeric in it its spicy and didnt care for the taste but SoGold taste good and makes for a great soothing and boosting tea!

Helping me with bloating and GI issues

I had to undergo major surgery which triggered my IBS And was experiencing major bloating just by drinking water and eating any kind of food I look like I was 9 month pregnant which I'm not as a result of Bloating, since incorporating colostrum for 2 weeks now I noticed a huge shift my bloating has decreased by 75%. I feel great and much better. I had tried other things and nothing was working till I tried this colostrum.

break my fast with this

I love this. it just feels good in my body. my husband also never forgets to take his morning scoop! Thats a miracle in itself.

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